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Farmin has taken over the castle.  Balda, the brave knight, is trying to defeat him.

Farmin's spells are preventing Balda from attacking Farmin.

Can you use your magic to guide Balda to attack Farmin.

In this game, you can move Balda around the castle bay selecting move spells.  

Which move spells you can use each turn is determined by rolling "spell dice".

Can you help Balda reach Farmin before time runs out?

This version contains 3 levels.  Let me know if you like the game, and I will add more levels.

Tags2D, Fantasy, Medieval
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

There are 2 ways to run this program, pick which one you want to download

Down load the .exe file to install on your PC. then run as an installed program

Down the .zip file.  This will allow you to run the application without installing it.  To use the program, unzip/move all the files from the .zip to a new folder on  your PC, then run the FCS1-2.exe file.


fcs21.zip 17 MB
fcs20.exe 30 MB

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